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Cherished Spot Map Necklace [Sterling Silver]

Cherished Spot Map Necklace [Sterling Silver]

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Gift a treasure that's more than just a piece of jewelry – it's a symbol of shared journeys. Select a location that dances in your memories, a place where love blossomed or adventures were shared, and watch us transform it into a meticulously crafted map pendant. This isn't just jewelry; it's a wearable story, a memento of your personal saga. Every glance at this piece will bring a smile, a memory, and a moment of joy, making it not only a beautiful accessory but a treasure trove of your most cherished memories.


  • Chain and pendant are made of 925 Sterling Silver
  • Necklace comes with a map of the place of your choice

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€148.50 €165.00
Customer Reviews
  1. Review

    Barry B.

    Having a piece of jewelry pinpointing the location of our first kiss was a total surprise to my wife. 5 stars
  2. Review

    Jonathan P.

    The custom design
  3. Review

    Marjorie T.

    Unique Map Pendant is so special
  4. Review

    Kari G.

  5. Review

    Lisa L.

    It was beautiful and personal! Loved it
  6. Kevin E.

  7. John B.

    I like the uniqueness of the product
  8. Robert O.

    My girlfriend liked it.
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